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All about gate mechanisms

All about gate mechanisms
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There is a piece of equipment called the gate operator, which opens and closes the gate. Gate Repair Maple Valley uses two types: mechanical and hydraulic. While these are the types that are used for most gates, they are further divided into categories. Some are programmed for use with a wireless device and yet others, manually. Some can even be designed to work with solar panels, which allow them to be used even during a power outage.

Mechanical Gate Operator

All about gate mechanismsThe four electromechanical operators used for gates are swing gates, worm driven, barrier and sliding operator. The electric and automatic openers will operate swinging and sliding gates. Either can also be programmed to operate using a wireless remote or a manual mechanism. You able to have a battery backup added onto your gate operator system, which will allow you to use your gate even when there is no power.

Hydraulic Gate Operator

The hydraulic gate operator has fewer moving part than the mechanical operator. The hydraulic operator will automatically open electric driveway gates. With a hydraulic motor, they generally do not work at the full capacity even when opening and closing large sized gates. They produce a higher level of power than the mechanical motor.  

Operator Safety

All of today’s gate operators have a sensor to detect movement and will automatically reverse, if necessary. These sensors are built in and do not have to be added. Even though gates already have the auto-reverse feature, you are still encouraged to have a minimum of two safety features on your gate to further protect yourself from harm. If for any reason one of the features isn’t working, the other one will be able to prevent tragedy from occurring. In addition to having such features, gate owners should take necessary precautions to ensure their safety. You would never want to try to run in between a gate while it is moving. Don’t attempt to install or repair a gate on your own. Its many moving parts can become dangerous to you and anyone else who may be around. Always keep your eyes on small children who are around a moving gate. You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting yourself or your loved ones. Always make sure your safety features are activated and working at all times.

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